Protection Dogs

K-9 Defense stands behind every protection dog we sell.
Our guarantee is you’ll be our customer for life!

With a protection dog from K-9 Defense, you have the best deterrent money can buy, the safety and security only a dog can deliver. Our dogs are confident, social, and stable while capable of addressing a threat on command!

You may have every form of protection- a firearm, a security alarm, or a great sense of awareness, but none of these can match the safety you will feel with a professionally trained dog from K-9 Defense.


Our dogs have been tested in real-world engagements with an unparalleled level of success!

What does a personal protection dog do?

A protection dog is a great addition to your family and their safety. Integrated with guidance from our trainers, your dog will become part of your family and go where you go.


Devoted and affectionate but always on duty, your dog will alert you to trouble long before your alarm is triggered.


A dog can neutralize a situation and give you time to react appropriately and safely.

What our clients are saying...

Asha – Jordan Phillips, Buffalo Bills

Kobe – Patrick Peterson, Pittsburgh Steelers


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