Detection + Patrol


Whether you compete in canine or you rely on your K-9 partner for law enforcement detection, we are here to help.

At K-9 Defense, we utilize a foundational system based on science, backed by experience when creating obedience to odor with our detection dogs.


Through a self discovery system, our dogs become a reliable tool in detecting their target odors regardless of the distractions they face.


Odor detection is a fragile behavior requiring attention to detail in the learning process to create the most capable detection dog teams possible.

A full-spectrum detection training

Each aspect of our system, from obedience to detection, correlates with the other.


Our system of integrated canine communication builds the most reliable foundation of behavior possible in your dog, with the increased focus by the courts on handler queuing in detection work.


Our system of teaching odor detection allows you to be confident in your canine partner, knowing they are searching independently of your influence.


That is the definition of canine reliability!


The Trusted Source for Law Enforcement & Military Handlers

At K-9 Defense, we strive to provide our law enforcement and military handlers with the best canine partner to meet the high-stress, high-risk situations you face. We accomplish this by keeping a progressive mindset in our research, training, and preparation of our K-9 teams.


We use results-based techniques proven to be effective in real-world deployments.


Our patrol dogs learn a training system designed to allow these high drive animals to be deployed into chaotic situations with precision and confidence.

Our patrol program

Our patrol program focuses on building reliable searching and suspect engagement behavior to ensure you have the confidence that your partner will perform when deployed.


Our team has over 50 years of canine experience!


Unlike many programs, we are not stuck in one method of training or practices of the past.


We are extremely critical of our training with a constant focus on progressing to remain at the forefront of training systems.

Our Partners in Law Enforcement


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