Frequently Asked Questions

The K-9 Defense academy is located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.

K-9 Defense offers a wide range of training services, including obedience training, detection work, and protection work.

K-9 Defense utilizes a science-based training system that is backed by years of experience. The company focuses on providing canine enrichment and improving the human-canine relationship through their system of integrated canine communication.

Yes, K-9 Defense is committed to using modern, scientifically-backed training techniques and maintaining a progressive mentality to ensure that they are market leaders in the field.

Yes, K-9 Defense offers basic obedience training as well as more advanced training for specific purposes such as protection work and detection work.

Yes, K-9 Defense specializes in all types of dog behavior and development, from basic obedience to complex aggression.

Yes, K-9 Defense provides personalized training in a personalized environment. The company works closely with clients to understand their goals and help them achieve the most rewarding relationship possible with their canine family member.

Yes, K-9 Defense is focused on the well-being of the K-9s and has a carefully built system that is designed specifically for the K-9s’ physical and mental well-being.

K-9 Defense bases their training system on proven principles that are backed by years of training experience. The focus is on providing canine enrichment by implementing a training system that meets the needs of the K-9s while also helping clients achieve their goals.


Yes, K-9 Defense uses classical and operant conditioning methods to develop reliable canine behavior.

K-9 Defense maintains a progressive mentality in their approach to training and constantly strives to be at the forefront of training methods by utilizing techniques with scientific backing and practical application. The company does not rely on outdated training methods or ideologies.

Yes, K-9 Defense uses modern methods in training and aims to provide lasting results. The company maintains a progressive mindset in their approach to training and is committed to being at the forefront of training methods by utilizing techniques with scientific backing and practical application.

The focus of K-9 Defense’s training system is to build a foundation of behavior that is as reliable as possible in the K-9s, with an emphasis on handler queuing in detection work. The training system allows clients to be confident in their canine partners, knowing that they are searching independently of the handler’s influence.