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Alert, Agile, Intelligent, Obedient, Strong, and Social


Available Dogs


15-month-old Dual-Purpose Canine.
Social and compliant, but takes his job very serious.


20-month-old Dutch Import.
Very serious Dual-Purpose dog.
Socially neutral, but not suitable for a first-time handler.


15-month-old Dutch Line male.
Very social, fast, a clear-headed dog who is environmentally confident.
Socially neutral, but not for a first-time handler.
Dual-Purpose EOD/Patrol K9


2-year-old Czech Shepherd.
A Dual-Purpose Narcotics/Patrol K9.
Social and easygoing.
Very nice K9 who loves to drive, and is comfortable in any environment.


3-year-old Dutch Import male.
A very strong patrol dog.
Socially neutral and confident in any environment.
Great hunt drive, but has no detection training yet.


Very social Dutch Import male.
A large framed dog who does everything with intensity.
Very social, but will need a strong handler.
Dual-Purpose Narcotics/Patrol.


4-month-old male from our last breeding.
Very confident, social, and outgoing puppy.
Loves to bite anything and is a very nice hunt.
Imprinted on EOD


19-month-old Dutch Import.
Social, confident, and very serious.
Dual-Purpose EOD/Patrol k9


12-month-old GSD
Dual-Purpose EOD/Patrol K9
Very social and happy, but he’s a very serious patrol dog. Acquires all of the traits a working bloodline GSD should have.


2-year-old large male Malinois
Social, stable, and easy to handle.
An excellent Protection Dog or Dual-Purpose candidate.


Female we kept from our last litter.
She is hunting for narcotics and biting very nice for a young pup.


18-months-old, socially neutral and very intense canine.
High powered Dual-Purpose Narcotics/Patrol K9.
Super fast, reckless, and zero self-preservation. This dog needs an experienced handler.

More Available Dogs Coming Soon …

Dual-purpose dogs for law enforcement, personal protection, military and private security applications.

Atlas In Service - Newly Retired MCSO Dual-Purpose K9

Vasili Started As A Dual-Purpose Candidate, But Is Now Working As A Personal Protection K9

We Start Our Pups and Our Decoys Very Young!

In Training

Puppy Development - (Left To Right) Karidi, Ramsey, and Blue

Kanela Posing for the Camera - Read "Aggression Sequence" Published in Police K9 Magazine

Our Hidden Sleeve is Keeping the Arm Safe

Here Are a Select Few Sold By K-9 Defense - These Dogs Are No Longer Available

Certified Working Dogs

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K-9 Defense- Phoenix Arizona- Ranger


K-9 Defense- Phoenix Arizona- Tarzan


K-9 Defense- Phoenix Arizona- Jake


K-9 Defense- Phoenix Arizona- Mick


K-9 Defense- Phoenix Arizona- Fury

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