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About Us

Our Methods

Science-based training.

From law enforcement to personal protection, we begin training when our dogs are as young as three days old. Specific stimuli and handling at this early age is based on comprehensive animal behavior research. We gradually introduce a training method based on operant conditioning that forms the foundation for a fully capable and dependable working canine. Our finished dogs come to you thoroughly prepared to do the job you need done.

K-9 Defense builds upon the inherent qualities our canines possess, such as confidence and fight, the building blocks that allow them to tackle stressful situations in any setting. Whether our dogs are working the streets with law enforcement, or protecting you and your loved ones at home, they’re clear-headed and equipped to keep you safe from harm. Law enforcement agencies and private parties from across the country have seen a solid return on investment with K-9 Defense dogs. We are in business because we prove that to our clients every day.

We don’t pretend to be a large-volume producer. Our single goal is the absolute reliability of the product: a focused, clear-headed and stable working dog.

George Daniolos- K-9 Defense- Phoenix Arizona

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The Importance Of A Decoy

We use only the most experienced decoys during our training process. The decoy is 100% responsible for everything your dog will learn about combat, making it the most valuable element in bite work training. Too often do we witness a “new guy” who has no prior bite work training experience into the important position of the decoy.

"I would absolutely recommend this class to others."

Phoenix PD on Decoy Classes

Phoenix PD on Decoy Classes

Handler Courses

Our Handler Courses are designed to help you understand the concepts of reinforcement in operant conditioning. We encourage all Handlers to take note that all skills are perishable. One of the main reasons for a domestic dog’s evolution is its ability to understand our species. There is no such thing as a dog who is fully trained, but a dog who is always in training.

"This is the best training I've ever been to, even including all my prior military trainings."

Arizona Law Enforcement

Arizona Law Enforcement

Fun Training Night!

Wes and Kanela - This Photo Was Taken By Canines On Duty