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We continuously strive to improve the human – canine relationship

For personal protection dogs, police dogs, and behavior-based training, you’re in the right place with K-9 Defense.

A dog from K-9 Defense will recognize a threat, intercept, intimidate and defend—ultimately, they will prevent or mitigate any dangerous encounter from beginning to successful end.

From law enforcement patrol to personal protection training, we start our dogs at just three days old with specific stimuli and handling based on animal behavior research. We gradually introduce rewards-based training that forms the foundation for a capable and dependable animal that is ready for any job and absolutely safe to have at your family’s side.

Your dog from K-9 Defense will be confident in any setting, from stressful situations on the street to protecting your loved ones at home. Law enforcement agencies and private parties from across the country have seen a solid return on investment with a K-9 Defense Dog. We are in business because we prove that to our clients every day.

K-9 Defense Founder George Daniolos 

George Daniolos is owner and director of training at K-9 Defense, LLC. He has titled, trained, raised and developed champion dogs for personal protection, law enforcement, private security and the military. OveGeorge and Kanelar the past 20 years, he has developed techniques that foster and protect the special bond between handler and K-9, producing the most efficient and dependable teams on the street.

Currently, Mr. Daniolos serves as Training Consultant on staff at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit in Phoenix, Arizona, the 4th largest county by population in the U.S. The highly respected department is taking its teams to the ultimate level, adopting the science-based training program assisted by Mr. Daniolos.

Daniolos teaching Redefining The Decoy

Mr. Daniolos started K-9 Defense over 10 years ago, and has provided dual purpose dogs to numerous agencies across the country. He holds a Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree from Northern Arizona University and is a much sought-after instructor and speaker. He was the keynote speaker/instructor at both the 2015 and 2016 K-9 Officers’ Training Survival Seminar in Prescott, Arizona. He is certified in decoy work and instruction. He has won numerous awards competing in his own right, including a national championship in protection dog work and more than eight titles in high obedience and protection from the Protection Sports Association (PSA). For a dynamic K-9 team trainer with strategic, behavioral and tactical operations experience in the private, public or military sector, contact: George Daniolos, 602-690-5779 or gdaniolos@k9defense.com.

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